Scanning and Video Transfer

Negative and Slide scanning services

It's easier than ever to be able to enjoy the images taken with film in digital format. Simply order a CD the next time you develop a roll of film, take it home and put in your PC and go to work, import into documents, other programs, email or share over your favorite social media.

 Make a CD when you develop your 35mm film:
35mm color print film
35mm Black and White print film

Add to a develop and print order $5.99

Develop and CD only: $10.98 (color) or $11.98 (B&W)


Film already developed? No problem...

Scans from color and black and white 35mm negatives 

Setup $5.99

Standard scan .25 ea (suitable for prints up to 8x10)

* For Standard Scans all frames on strip must be included - cannot select individual frames

High Resolution scans $2.00 ea (Suitable for all sizes of prints)

* Individually cut 35mm frames have a higher scan fee

Scans from 35mm slide film (mounted)

Setup $5.99

Standard scan .49 ea (suitable for prints up to 8x10)

High Resolution scans $2.00 ea (Suitable for all sizes of prints)





Scans from 120 film, 616, 618, 620, 126, 127 and 110 film

Setup $5.99

Scan (all) $2.00 ea. (Suitable for all sizes of prints) 






Photo scanning

Most of us archive our images the same a shoebox. Storing images in hard copy is always the preferred method of storage, however, there are times when you want to share those images with others, or import into programs or even share over the web.

Idaho Camera's print scanning services can help you three ways:

Shoebox scan kits!

There are NO MORE EXCUSES for not getting your family photographs organized! We've made it easy to scan up to 1800 4x6 prints with our Shoebox scanning kit! Simply purchase the kit from any Idaho Camera location, take it home and fill it with prints from 2x3" to 8x10" sizes. A few days later, pick up your DVD with your photos now in digital format - ready to print and share!

Shoebox scan kit $119!

photo scanning

Shoebox scans
The quick, easy way to scan your images! Use this service when you don't have enough prints to fill the Shoebox scan kit. These scans are the same as the scans in the Shoebox scan kit and are suitable for printing up to and including their original, size and for sharing over email or social media.

Setup $5.99
Per print scan .39 ea






High resolution scan
This is the best solution if you want to have flexibility when you print from your scanned digital files. Most prints can be scanned so that they can produce even our largest print. Minor color and density correction is included.

Setup $5.99
Per print scan $2.00






 Print to Print Copies: Set up $2.00, plus print cost.

Video Transfer

Don’t let technology creep up on you! Convert your homemade movies and video tapes! Idaho Camera provides the following services.

Movie Film Transfer
Transfer 8mm, Super 8mm, or 16mm movie film to VHS or DVD.

Duplicating Service

From one VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, DVD & Mini DV to one VHS 120 minute Tape


From one VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, DVD & Mini DV to one to 120 minute DVD


Transfer Service Set-Up

VHS 120min. (not including transfer fee)


DVD 120min. (not including transfer fee)



Super 8(18 FPS) = 14.5 Feet Per Minute @ $1.10 per minute A $30 minimum applies.

Feet Minutes Price
50 3:45 $30.00
100 7:00 $30.00
200 14:00 $30.00
300 21:00 $30.00
400 28:00 $30.80
500 35:00 $38.50
600 42:00 $46.20
700 49:00 $53.90
800 55:00 $60.50
900 62:00 $68.20
1000 69:00 $75.90
1100 75:00 $82.50
1200 83:00 $91.30
1300 90:00 $99.00
1400 96:00 $105.60
1500 103:00 $113.30
1600 110:00 $121.00

Regular 8 (16 FPS) = 11.27 Feet Per Minute @ $1.10 per minute A $30 minimum applies

Feet Minutes Price
50 4:50 $30.00
100 9:00 $30.00
200 18:00 $30.00
300 27:00 $30.00
400 36:00 $39.60
500 45:00 $49.50
600 54:00 $59.40
700 63:00 $69.30
800 71:00 $78.10
900 80:00 $88.00
1000 89:00 $97.90
1100 98:00 $107.60
1200 106:00 $116.60
1300 115:00 $126.50
1400 124:00 $136.40
1500 133:00 $146.30
1600 142:00 $156

Copyrighted Material Cannot be Transferred or Dubbed Without a Legitimate Copyright Release!



Don't you wish that your digital movies will just play in the DVD player? Do you sometimes want to edit that DVD disc and your movie editor won't let you? Our Digital Video Conversion Service can take your camera data file and compile them into DVD player-friendly disc format. Or we can decompile a DVD format disc into editable data files.

Up to 2 hours of footage for $39.95
Do you have a video tape you can't watch? This is a problem with many video formats these days, the older video tapes get replaced by new and improved video media and once the device you play your videos on wears out, you're left with no way to play your tapes... and replacement players are hard to find!

We maintain players for many video tape technologies including Beta, 8mm video, Hi-8, VHS-C, VHS, Mini DV and DVD formats. All of these can be transferred to convenient and current DVD disks so that you can once again enjoy and share your home videos.

Dub VHS or DVD to DVD $19.95

Dub all other formats to DVD $29.95

Dub all other formats to VHS $13.95

See stores for details


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