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$ 219.99 $ 249.99
The Azden® i-Coustics™ PRO-XD is an easy to use digital wireless lavalier microphone system for camera mounting and mobile video applications. Its compact and lightweight design is a great solution for capturing audio on the go. Perfect for video production, electronic news gathering and even mobile devices, the PRO-XD includes...
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$ 119.95 $ 129.99
The pick-up pattern of the built-in microphone on camcorders is Omni-directional, meaning that it picks up all sounds in every direction equally, no matter which direction you point the camcorder. The SGM-990 is a 6_ long directional, or "zoom," microphone with a super-cardioid pattern (ellipse shaped). It will pick up...
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$ 219.95 $ 229.99
The SMX-15 Powered Shotgun Video Microphone was engineered to produce excellent sound quality for video recorded by DSLR and other compact cameras. The microphone element is the same used by Azden’s professional shotgun microphones, the SGM-250 an SGM-250P, and is capable of capturing broadcast quality sound. The acoustically tuned slots...
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$ 21.95 $ 40.00
The Aztec Video Narrator Headset lets you record voice-over narration on your videos while shooting. It also lets you monitor the audio being recorded, whether from the headset mic, an on-board or attached mic or a wireless microphone system used with the camera. The Aztec Video Narrator Headset is a...
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$ 89.95
Canon Battery Pack BP-617 for Elura Camcorders
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$ 49.95
Halogen Bulb , Power Button , Protector Lock , Release Button Shoe Attachment , Plug
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$ 8.99 $ 9.99
The Delkin Fat Gecko 1/4"-20 Adapter for Gopro HERO Cameras converts the GoPro proprietary three-pronged mount into a standard 1/4-20 female connector. With this adapter you will no longer be limited by the mounting options offered by GoPro. Not only will this product work with any of the Fat Gecko...
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$ 99.95 $ 99.99
Mount your action camera, mirrorless camera, or point-and-shoot to the Fat Gecko Kaboom to capture images & video from perspectives never before possible. Shoot over crowds at a concert, take footage of yourself inside of a barreling wave, follow your friend as he clears a 30 foot jump on his...
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$ 39.99
The Fat Gecko camera mount for bikes makes it possible to securely attach any camera or camcorder to the center handlebars of a bicycle to capture unbelievable action footage. Easy to install, the removable mount utilizes the existing handlebar bolts and an adjustable height extender that straps directly to the...
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$ 69.99
This ultra-versatile mount can be used three main ways: as a camera grip, extension arm or tripod. The folding arm makes it easy to capture selfies without the mount appearing in the shot. The handle doubles as a lightweight camera grip, and stores a removable tripod that can be used...
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$ 49.99 $ 50.00
The Blue Water Dive Filter for Super Suit housing for HERO6 Black and HERO5 Black provides color correction while capturing footage in blue water at depths of 15 to 70ft (5 to 21m). Its red color is ideal for blue water. Constructed of scratch-resistant, optical-grade glass for optimal image clarity....
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$ 49.99 $ 50.00
The Blue Water Snorkel Filter provides color correction for your HERO6 Black or HERO5 Black while capturing footage at depths of 5 to 33ft (1.5 to 10m). It’s ideal for snorkeling in blue water or clear freshwater. The filter easily presses into place on the camera for quick, tool-less installation,...
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$ 19.99 $ 25.00
This 1180 mAh lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery can be used as a spare or replacement for GoPro Hero 3 or Hero 3+cameras. 1180 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery Rechargeable: Can be easily recharged inside the camera, or outside the camera using the GoProDual Battery Charger (sold separately) 1180 mAh lithium-ion: High-quality battery...
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$ 19.99 $ 25.00
Add an extra layer of security when using your GoPro in extreme conditions. Attach the Adhesive Anchors to your gear, then secure the Camera Tethers to the camera housing backdoor. If your GoPro comes loose, it will remain attached to your gear. Adhesive Anchor can be removed by applying heat...
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$ 39.99 $ 50.00
Chest Harness for your quick-release HERO camera. Makes it easy to capture immersive video and photo footage from, well your chest. Perfect for skiing, mountain biking, motocross, paddle sports, or any activity where you want to get a "lower than the helmet" view of the action. See more of your...
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$ 59.99 $ 60.00
Mount your GoPro to your dog to capture the world from his point of view. This harness features two mounting locations for a variety of perspectives: the chest, for bone-chewing, digging and front-paw action, and the back, for over-the-head shots of running, jumping, fetch and more. Made of washable, water-friendly...
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$ 19.99 $ 25.00
A total of 6 adhesive mounts, 3 flat and 3 curved, in each pack. The 3M manufactured adhesive is the strongest they make ideal for mounting on helmets, skateboards, cars, or other applicable surfaces. 3 curve and 3 flat adhesives in each pack - replacing the previous Curved or Flat...
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$ 19.99 $ 25.00
If you want to expand your mounting options for you Motorsports HERO Wide, Motorsports HERO, Helmet HERO WIDE, Surf HERO, or Wide HERO camera...this bag will set you up. It includes 1 flat surface base plate, 1 curved base plate, a thumb knob and stainless steel hardware, 1 quick release...
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$ 19.99 $ 25.00
FEATURES of the GoPro Headstrap and Quickclip Mount Head Strap and a QuickClip for a variety of head mounting options Compatible with all GoPro cameras Recommended for use during non-impact activities only FEATURES of the GoPro Headstrap Fully Adjustable: Fits all sizes, and can be worn over a helmet or...
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$ 19.99 $ 20.00
This 1160 mAh lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery can be used as a spare or replacement for GoPro Hero 4 Black or Silver cameras. 1160 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery Rechargeable: Can be easily recharged inside the camera, or outside the camera using the GoProDual Battery Charger (sold separately)
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$ 19.99 $ 20.00
Use this 1220mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery as a spare or replacement battery for your HERO6 Black or HERO5 Black. Rechargeable: Can be easily recharged inside the camera, or outside the camera using the GoProDual Battery Charger (sold separately)
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$ 49.99 $ 55.00
FEATURES of the GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp Mount Enables a GoPro camera to be attached to objects ranging in size from 0.25" to 2" (0.6cm to 5cm) in diameter Camera can be mounted either directly to the clamp or the adjustable neck for a variety of shooting angles Quick release...
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$ 79.99 $ 100.00
The LCD Touch BacPac is a removable LCD touch screen for GoPro cameras. As a removable accessory, the LCD BacPac keeps your camera as small and light as possible, yet provides the convenience of an LCD screen when attached. Product Compatible with both the Hero 3 and Hero 3+, but...
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$ 49.99 $ 60.00
FEATURES of the GoPro Limited Edition Battery BacPac Extends your GoPro camera's battery life Seamlessly attaches to the back of your GoPro LCD window provides battery level or charge status LED displays recording status Charge using the GoPro Auto or Wall Charger, other USB charger or a computer Compatibility: HERO3,...
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$ 69.99
The Sportsman Mount enables one or two GoPro cameras to be mounted to gun barrels, fishing rods and bow components .4" to 1" (10mm to 25mm) in diameter. Compatible with most shotguns, rifles, revolvers, airsoft guns, paintball guns and more. Cameras can be mounted front-facing and/or rear-facing to capture immersive...
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$ 49.99 $ 50.00
Suit up your HERO6 Black or HERO5 Black with Super Suit for extreme outdoor activities and deep-water diving. The included Waterproof Backdoors provide protection to depths of 196ft (60m) and also safeguard against flying debris, gravel, dirt and small rocks. The flat glass lens delivers maximum image sharpness above and...
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$ 14.99
Attach your GoPro to any vented bike, ski, kayak or similar sports helmet. The adjustable strap makes mounting the camera quick and easy. One size fits all helmets. Attaches to any vented helmet Adjustable strap makes for quick and easy mounting One size fits all helmets Warranty: 1 Year Always...
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$ 79.99
Control your GoPro remotely from distances of up to 600’ (180m) with this wearable, waterproof remote. Perfect for gear-mounted shots, you can power the camera on/off, adjust settings, start/stop recording and capture photos. When used with HERO4 cameras, you can also access the Settings/Tag button to quickly change settings, or...
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$ 14.95 $ 25.00
Supports high definition video formats (720p, 1080i and 1080p) Triple shielding by aluminum foil rejecting external noise 24k gold plated plug ensures the best transmission Original gapless structure provides reinforced protection against external noise Length: 3 feet Compatible with JVC Everio Quadproof Camcorders HDMI to HDMI Mini Video Cable
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$ 14.95 $ 15.00
JVC Adixxion Roll Bar Mount, Black MTRB001US MT-RB001US Roll Bar Mount For the ADIXXION Action Camera-Camcorder For Sports Motor Vehicles such as ATV and UTV Fits Pipes from 21mm to 40mm in Diameter
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$ 24.95 $ 25.00
The JVC MT-SC001 Suction Cup Mount is perfect for mounting Adixxion and Everio camcorders to a wide array of surfaces including cars, boats, surfboards, helmets and more! Removable for repeated use, this suction cup mount utilizes a quick release system for easy adjustment of the mount to ensure all of...
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